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E-mail and telephone number of the main office

T: 044 319 71 70 

Management SVEB 
Swiss Federation for Adult Learning


Matthias Aebischer, member of the Swiss National Council since 2011

National office

Bernhard Grämiger, M.A. econ., is the CEO of SVEB. 

E: bernhard.graemiger@
T: +41 44 319 71 61

Irena Sgier, M.A. in sociology, is deputy CEO of SVEB and head of the Development and Innovation Department.
E: irena.sgier@
T: +41 44 319 71 59

Christina Jacober is director of the modular training-of-trainers (AdA) system
Tel. 044 319 71 65

Regional Offices

Romandy (French-speaking region)  
Caroline Meier Quevedo, M.A. in political science, is director of the SVEB office in the French part of Switzerland.
T: 022 994 20 12

Ticino (Italian-speaking region) 

Simone Rizzi,, manage the offices of SVEB and CFC (Conferenza della Svizzera Italiana per la formazione continua degli adulti) in the Italian part of Switzerland.

E: simone.rizzi@

T: 091 950 84 16