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New project phase for transfer project with Hungary

  • 18.05.2022

SVEB has been working for many years with a local project partner on the further development of the Hungarian adult education system. The new project for professionalisation and quality assurance of adult education in Hungary has been running since January 2022. It is being funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).

At the end of April, the Hungarian project partners were in Switzerland to exchange knowledge and experience. As part of the trip, SVEB project managers and the delegation from Hungary went to the company FRAISA SA in Bellach.

SVEB and the company FRAISA have already carried out joint projects to promote job-related further education and further qualification of employees. During the visit, the responsible people from FRAISA SA reported on their experiences in this regard.

Photo: SVEB (Christine Bärlocher)