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ToT Documents

Here you will find the most important documents on the ToT qualifications: Module descriptions (MD) and competences-resources (Co-Re) and information sheets.

Additional documents to the higher degrees in the ToT system will be published continuously in the near future.


SVEB Certificate in Teaching Adult Learners

Module 1: Teaching Training Courses for Adults (MD ToT FD-M1)

Competencies-Resources Module 1 (Co-Re ToT FD-M1)


SVEB Professional Practice Trainer Certificate

Module PPT: Supporting Learning in One-to-One Settings (MD ToT-PPT)

Competencies-Resources Module PPT (Co-Re ToT-PPT)

Enhancement Module From Professional Practice to Teaching Practice (MD ToT FD-PPT-E)

Competencies-Resources Module PPT-E (Co-Re ToT FD-PPT-E)


Trainer, Federal Diploma of Higher Education: Modules and Competences


Module 1: Training Teaching Courses for Adults (MD ToT FD-M1)

Competencies-Resources Module 1 (Co-Re ToT FD-M1)


Module 2: Facilitation Group Processes in Adult Education (MD ToT FD-M2)

Competencies-Resources Module 2 (Co-Re ToT FD-M2)

Assessment Record Module 2


Module 3: Supporting Individual Learning Processes (MD ToT FD-M3)

Competencies-Resources Module 3 (Co-Re ToT FD-M3)

Assessment Record Module 3


Module 4: Designing Training Offers for Adults (MD ToT FD-M4)

Competencies-Resources Module 4 (Co-Re ToT FD-M4)

Assessment Record Module 4


Module 5: Structuring Lessons for Adult Learners (MD ToT FD-M5)

Competencies-Resources Module 5 (Co-Re ToT FD-M5)

Assessment Record Module 5


Information Sheets

Info Sheet Fees

Info Sheet Evidence of Practice

Info Sheet Central Examination

Info Sheet Supervision