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SVEB Trainer Certificate

The SVEB Trainer Certificate gives you the basic skills you need to teach adults.

Target Group

The SVEB Trainer is especially designed for part-time trainers in adult education and training.

Professional skills

You will learn how to prepare, teach and analyse training courses for adults based on given concepts, curricula and teaching materials.

The Competencies-Resources list gives an overview of the skills and the resources required for the development of competence (pre-existing knowledge, skills and abilities).

Candidate Profile

Candidates are expected to be professionally competent in their field of expertise. Previous experience in training adults makes for a successful candidate experience. Hence we strongly recommend that at the latest while attending the module, you teach adult learners.


In order to be awarded the SVEB certificate you must attend the "Teaching Adult Learners" module (ToT FD-M1) at a Swiss institution of continuing education and provide proof of practical experience.


Module ToT FD-M1

The module consists of 14 days (90 hours) spread over 4 months, plus 165 hours of independent study. The certificate of competence for this module consists of documented teaching practice (a short training sequence), with an evaluation of planning, teaching and analysis.

Evidence of Teaching PracticeYou need to have 150 hours over at least two years of experience training adults, of which at most 50 hours have been teaching one-on-one or two person lessons.
If you do not have enough teaching experience at the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance. Once you have the necessary experience, you can obtain the certificate from the training provider (usually up to five years after the end of the course).

The ToT FD-M1 module description provides all the relevant information regarding the course pre-requisites,  course content and general conditions. This is also interesting for training institutions aiming to design programmes and have to have them recognized.                       

SVEB Trainer Certificate in the ToT modular system

The FD-M1 module is level 1 of the ToT modular system. This is the first of five ToT FD modules that lead to the Federal Trainer Diploma (level 2 of the ToT modular system). Whoever has obtained all five module certificates can apply for the Federal Trainer Diploma from the SVEB.

ToT Modular System (linked to )