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With a ToT qualification, you can provide top-quality training

ToT is synonymous with professional training of trainers in Switzerland. A ToT qualification enables you to train adults regardless of your subject area. More than 40,000 trainers have been awarded a SVEB Trainer Certificate, over 10,000 experts now hold a Federal Diploma in Adult Education and Training and around 100 managers have graduated with an Advanced Federal Diploma in Adult Education and Training. Institutions of further education and trainers rely on the quality of these qualifications.

Multifaceted training: SVEB certificates

The SVEB Trainer Certificate is suitable for people who teach mainly groups and who want to learn the basics of teaching adults. SVEB Trainer Certificate  (is linked to webpage description of the certificate)If you are primarily dealing with individual learners, whether in a work or non-work context, the SVEB Professional Practice Trainer Certificate gives you the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge in this field.SVEB Professional Practice Trainer Certificate  (is linked ot the webpage description for this certificate)

The SVEB Certificates form level 1 of the modular ToT system.

Persons who want to deal more extensively with the training and further education of adults can attend a supplementary module, the SVEB Professional Practice Trainer Extension Module, in order to obtain the SVEB Trainer Certificate and then they can aim for the Federal Diploma in Adult Education and Training

Advanced Training Qualification: Federal Trainer Diploma

The Federal Trainer Diploma allows you to broaden your knowledge of teaching adults and to have it formally recognised. After successful completion of the five required modules, you can apply for the federal diploma. Your competence certificates are assessed a second time via a central validation procedure. If all the papers submitted by a candidate meet the requirements, the candidate will be awarded a Federal Diploma.Federal Trainer Diploma (linked to webpage description of the F.Trainer Dipl)

The Federal Trainer Diploma forms level 2 of the ToT modular system.

Leading professionally: Advanced Federal Training Manager Diploma

People who have worked for a number of years in an educational institution or in the Training Department of a larger company often assume management and leadership roles. The Advanced Federal Training Manager Diploma equips you for this task. After completing the six diploma modules, you can apply for the higher education examination, which consists of a thesis and a one-day oral examination.Advanced Federal Training Manager Diploma (linked to the webpage description )

The advanced federal training manager diploma forms level 3 in the ToT modular system.

If you have a Federal Trainer Diploma, the necessary professional experience and additional training and further education, you may also be accepted for the central validation based on your dossier.