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The quality label in adult learning

eduQua is the first Swiss quality label geared towards providers of adult learning programmers. The label promotes transparency and comparability of adult learning for the benefit of consumers and contributes to safeguarding the quality of adult education programmers in Switzerland. More than 1,000 schools, institutes and academies in the whole of Switzerland are eduQua certified.

The eduQua quality standards

The eduQua label identifies adult education institutions that fulfill basic quality standards. The criteria specify the minimum standards that must be fulfilled for the eduQua label to be awarded to an institution. Independent certification bodies in all regions of Switzerland check compliance with these minimum standards.

Guidance on certification and other information about the standards and the procedure can be found in the eduQua Manual.

Certification bodies

eduQua certification does not lie within the competence of the eduQua body, which is affiliated to the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning, the SVEB. eduQua certification is undertaken by independent certification bodies.

The certification bodies support the institution through their certification process. They carry out local audits and prepare certification reports.

The eduQua certificate is valid for three years. The responsible certification body undertakes annual interim audits, which may (in extreme cases) lead to the early withdrawal of the eduQua certificate. The certificate may be re-acquired after three years.

Certification bodies

The benefits for certified institutions

Certification in accordance with the eduQua procedure is essentially open to any institution that offers adult education and wishes both to prove and improve its quality.

The eduQua label produces competitive advantages for an adult education institution. Certification has a positive effect on quality management and improves the institution’s image in the eyes of its customers. Certification is also an advantage with regard to the authorities. Many cantons regard the eduQua certificate as pre-condition for adult education institutions to receive any public funding.

All the institutions that have been awarded an eduQua certificate to date are listed:

Certified institutions


The Swiss Federation for Adult Learning, the SVEB, is responsible for eduQua. It runs the eduQua office and ensures that the system operates properly. The Board of the SVEB acts as its governing body. Developments of the eduQua will be supported by the Advisory Group.

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